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What things should your pet have during a pet transportation?


Any kind of moving is no doubt a complicated tusk. And if it is about taking your pet with you or transporting it by any travel agency, it might be more stressful than moving alone. According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, any kind of moving scores 28 out of 43 on the basis of anxiety level regarding travel. Getting a pet shipping service is not enough to make your fondle’s journey comfortable. There are some more requirements and considerations to fulfill for the best possible transfer procedure. Unlike you, your furry friend also has some essential things to pack in it’s bag!

Here are the list of necessary belongings of your canine kid to be packed during transportation:

1.Distilled Water bottle:

Help your pet from not getting dehydrated by keeping water bottles in its bag. If you notice that pet is extremely panting or slowing down then giving it some to drink can make it feel better. Moreover, giving water to your pet from any roadside tap or unsealed regular water can cause stomach infection to your pet. So, carrying bottled water in your pet’s bag would be a smart move to protect your fur baby from getting sick. This way the pet mover is also relieved.

2.Spill-proof and portable food bowl:

Keep portable food bowls in the bag. These bowls should be spill-proof, otherwise it will make your pet  uncomfortable inside it’s crate if the crate gets wet. It will be better enough if you can carry a foldable travel bowl that gets flattened after collapsing. These kinds of bowls are easily accessible and occupy a small space in the bag.

3.Favourite foods:

While you are heading to a long distance trip, then carry an ample amount of food supplies from pet’s favourite bites. So, you can satisfy it’s tummy grumbles. Try to store foods in a cooler place to protect it from spoiling. Carry wet foods instead of dry ones. It will make your pet feel good even without drinking water.

4.Waste bags

Always carry some extra poop or waste bags in your pet’s bag. So that, those can be used several times in case of your pet baby’s stomach depression.

5.Towel or wet tissues and extra blankets

Keep a towel in the bag if you don’t want to see your pet dirty while traveling. If you don’t have much space to carry a large towel, you can carry a small wash cloth instead of it. You can also carry wet tissues that are baby safe.

Also, carry your pet’s favourite blanket to keep it cosy during the transportation period. Sometimes pets get upset due to travel hazards. Familiar things help them to cope with those situations.

6.Carry extra leash or chain:

Though, this is not essential to carry an extra leash always, still it will be a wise move if you keep one more with you. In case your pet loses one, you can chain it with the other.

7.Tick eliminator and Flea comb

The most important things to carry in your pet’s bag are tools for removing fleas as well as ticks from your pet kiddo’s fur. It is quite possible that your pet can pick any unusual insects in your absence. Tick eliminators will help your pet to get rid of those unwanted visitors from their body. Hope, you won’t need this, still carrying one is always a good choice.

8.Animal safe Sunscreens:

If you are going to any sea-beach for a long vacation along with your pet baby, you must carry an animal safe sunscreen for your pet. Unlike you, pets can also get sun burns and UV rays are also harmful to pets too. Buy animal approved sunscreens to protect your pet from getting bad sun burns, skin diseases etc.

9.Petsfavourite toys:

Try to carry at least one or two of your pet’s favourite toys in the bag. As pets are usually not very much fond of moving, they might get more agile and restless because of traveling long. Having something from its favourite things can divert it’s mind from travel anxiety.

10.First Aid Kits:


Last but the most essential part is to keep a first aid kit and necessary medications in your pet’s luggage. You should carry the first aid tools in an easy accessible container. The first aid kit’s essentials are like gauze pads, Q-pads, Pet specified bandages, Styptic powder, Vet wraps, antibiotic ointment, ice/heat bags, saline solution, Benadryl etc.