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What Kind of Food Is Proper For Your Dog Now


Natural homemade raw food with bones for dogs, also known as raw dog food with bones is a homemade diet biologically suited to the predominantly carnivorous physiology of dogs. We follow the renowned BARF system developed by Australian veterinary surgeon Dr. Ian Billinghurst in the late 1980s. If elaborated correctly, as we inform you here, the diet will fully meet your dog’s nutritional requirements.

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What is the Purpose of this Food?

The aim of raw dog food with bones is to simulate the composition of a prey (hare, bird, small ruminant, etc.) in the urban context. For this, raw bones (the skeleton of the prey), raw meats (muscle), raw viscera (giblets, organs), and some supplements that represent parts of the body that we are unable to offer are included in the diet. Choosing raw dog food Canada is essential there.

After all, like it or not, this is what your dog would eat if it was up to him to provide lunch. He descends from predators and for millions of years his ancestors guaranteed survival by slaughtering and devouring other animals. Industrialized feed came into play less than 100 years ago.

  • For those unfamiliar with raw bone-based diets, the idea can be frightening. After all, the diet is based on two huge taboos: daily supply of raw meats and raw bones, including chicken. But with an open mind, you will learn that there are effective ways to safely enjoy the incredible benefits of raw bones and meat.
  • Time has taken charge of testing raw diets with bones. They have been there for at least three decades, with formidable results, countless published books, and thousands of practitioners of the raw feeding movement around the globe.
  • Below are some of the veterinarians and researchers who for years – in many cases, decades – have recommended raw dog food with bones for dogs. It is worth clicking on the links to know them. Many are authors of books or run excellent websites.

What is not Natural Raw Food with bones

Offering raw dog food with bones is not giving up leftover food. It is not only to bones, or give flesh, or give only liver – this kind of “diet” quickly leads to health problems disability, and even an excess of some nutrients. You can also order hills diet dog food for your puppy in case you want to add some extra nutrition in his diet.

It is not a homemade vegetarian diet, much less vegan. Although it is even possible to feed dogs without meat, we believe it is far from ideal for physiological reasons that we detail in this post. Dogs have evolved over millennia as predators and have continued to consume meat alongside us since their domestication, 30,000 years ago. They simply do not have the adaptations to assimilate well to a diet based on vegetable proteins.

Raw dog food with bones is also not a diet composed of half feed and half homemade food. Although this practice can even bring its share of benefits to dogs, it is necessary to know very well what foods to add to the feed and in what quantity or there is a risk of seriously unbalancing the formula of the feed and end up harming the pet.