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What is the ideal amount of water is for my pet dog?


Encouraging your dog to drink water is also a way to preserve his health. Hydration helps keep your four-legged friend’s body working properly and even prevents some diseases and health problems. However, there is always that question whether the animal is drinking the ideal amount of water or not. After all, do you know how to calculate the amount of water your dog should drink during the day? To clear up all your doubts, we will teach you how to do this.

Learn to calculate the right amount for your puppy

Nothing is better than knowing exactly how much of water your dog needs to consume to stay healthy. The calculation for this is very simple: for every 1 kg of weight, the dog should drink about 50 ml. This means that a dog that weighs 5 kg should ingest about 250 ml. Another that weighs 8 kg, should ingest 400 ml of liquid per day. For a dog-weighing 15 kg, it is recommended that he drink approximately 750 ml of water. This measure also includes liquid food. Wet food has 70% water in its composition, but the animal can also absorb liquid from fruits and vegetables offered as snacks. If you are a busy person, and cannot put enough attention to your dog’s water consumption, it is ideal to buy an automatic water bowl.

How to offer water to a dog

First, do not even think about offering tap water to your four-legged friend. The most suitable water for dogs, in fact, is mineral or filtered, as the liquid is free from contamination and chlorine, a substance that can cause effects on the animal’s health. In addition, another very important care is to change the water in the potty at least twice a day, as standing water can also end up accumulating dirt and microorganisms throughout the day. The animal’s drinking trough should be washed with water and neutral detergent every day.

Here are some tips on how to encourage the habit

When the dog does not want to drink water at all, it’s up to the tutor to look for alternatives on how to encourage your doggo to hydrate better. A good idea for this can be to invest in fountain style drinking fountains for dogs, which is an accessory that ends up attracting a lot of attention from pets and ensures that the water will always be fresh for them. In addition, placing a pot of water in each room of the house is also a measure that can help the laziest dogs to hydrate regularly.

Is a dog that drinks a lot of water a sign of a problem?

It is important to keep an eye out when your puppy starts to show excessive thirst and ends up ingesting an amount of water far beyond what is recommended daily. Although several factors can influence this type of situation, such as climate change, it is worth noting that excessive thirst can also be directly related to health problems. It does not mean that a dog drinking water always needs attention. However, other than these circumstances, if the dog is drinking water very often, it is good to take your pet for an appointment with a veterinarian.