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What do you do when you have a health emergency for your dog?


For any pet parent, medical emergencies can be the worst nightmare. With the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, accidents and mishaps to pets can get the better of any well-prepared pet parents.

When it comes to our pets’ health and happiness, we can’t compromise their medical needs. Finding the right Virginia Beach animal hospital is key to keeping pets in good shape. If your pet has met with an unfortunate accident, one must immediately consult a veterinarian. There are times when it’s hard to determine if your puppy is limping due to a minor muscle cramp or have a broken bone, or your ill cat needs emergency medical care.

This blog has highlighted some essential points to check if your pet requires emergency medical attention.

Be vigilant:

When we start caring for pets, we become attentive to their needs and wants. Besides regular medical check-ups, one can conduct a frequent health assessment of their pets at home.

You don’t need expensive medical equipment to carry out health check-ups on your pets. All you need to do is be observant of their daily habits and condition.

Start by inspecting the body of your pet. Look for any bite marks or injures underneath the fur. Move your hands over their body parts and look for signs of pain or discomfort. If you suspect your pet is not acting herself, try to pinpoint what may be causing the discomfort.

Animals are good at hiding their pain. However, if your pet trusts you, they will allow you to handle their wound. It is common for wounded or ill pets to get anxious while being held. Some pets may attack their owner or vets when approached. However, you must not get scared and continue tending to their wound. If needed, you can muzzle your pet for you and your pet’s safety.

Decision making:

Pet parents must get overwhelmed to see their playful pet bedridden with pain. If your pet requires emergency care at Virginia Beach vet hospital, avoid going alone. Take someone with you who can offer you comfort and prevent you from freaking out. Stay calm while you discuss your pet’s condition and procedures. Having someone with you will help you make an informed and practical decision. 

Prompt diagnosis:

There are times when pets have to wait for hours to get tested. In some scenarios, pets die while getting diagnosed. When getting your pet to the ER, it’s essential to ask the doctors the right questions. Get complete details of the diagnosis and risks involved. Ask the vet if there are any alternative treatments and the cost involved in it.

Have a financial planning:

Most pet parents consider their pets as a part of their family. However, no more than 1% of them have pet insurance. Pet insurance is crucial in ensuring the best health care support in times of emergencies and unforeseen accidents. Besides, many diagnoses and treatments come with hefty price tags. Various credit companies offer financial planning to pet parents to help them deal with urgent situations and subsequently reduce the financial burden of costly diagnosis and treatments.