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Tricks to have a happier and healthier dog during quarantine


Did you know that dogs can get bored easily? Every dog, no matter what breed, needs a certain level of physical activity. There are online stores like Vetsend that offer a variety of products to help you keep your dog active. No kidding. A sedentary dog gets bored easily. This boredom usually leads to depression. And you don’t want a depressed dog. Many people think that a few walks a week is enough, but for the dog it’s not just a walk. Have you noticed that when your dog goes outside he sniffs everything? Maybe you thought it was just a “dog thing”. The reality is that sniffing allows your dog to discover the environment around him and motivates his mind.

Healthy mind in a healthy body

I’m sure you’ve heard more than one person say this. A healthy mind helps you keep your body healthy. The same is true for your dog. Your dog begins to perceive a lot of smells every time they go for a walk. Some familiar and some undiscovered. It’s true that walking helps dogs keep their bodies in shape. What about his mind? The moment your dog starts sniffing, his memory is activated. He recognizes old smells and memorizes new ones. When you notice that your dog keeps sniffing an area for a longer period of time, I assure you that he has discovered a new scent he didn’t know. You may think that this is just “sniffing and walking”. A good way to understand this is to imagine walking into a restaurant that smells like your childhood kitchen used to smell. Imagine a similar emotion in your dog’s mind.

Don’t forget about the weather

You usually check the weather report before you leave the house. Better be prepared. Your dog doesn’t understand the weather report. He doesn’t know that it’s too hot to be running around or too cold to be outside. You must be aware of the weather at all times to avoid health complications for your dog. One of the things you should consider is elevated exercise during hot temperatures. Your dog wants to play all the time. He would be happy playing all day long. But just as you reduce your physical activity during the summer, you should do the same for your dog. During cold seasons you bundle up. Nowadays you can get coats for your dog in many online stores. Remember to keep him warm when you leave the house. Your dog will appreciate it.