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I Finally Found A Reliable House Call Vet In Singapore


As a pet parent, I am responsible for my dog’s well-being. I should feed him meals that suit his dietary needs and underlying health conditions. I should bathe him using pet hygiene products that will not irritate his skin and fur. I should also book regular appointments with his veterinarian to ensure he is in the best shape possible. However, finding a Bukit Batok veterinary clinic is not as easy as it seems. Since I only want the best for my fur baby, I became critical of our vet choices—which gave me a hard time searching for one that suited my preferences.

My search became more difficult since I decided to look for a house call vet in Singapore. Since not every animal health expert offers their services outside their clinics, I had trouble finding a vet who could come into my home to check on my dog—until I learned about My Family Vet Clinic and Surgery.

Why I Searched For A House Call Vet

I wanted my dog to have a house call vet since I am too occupied with my work responsibilities. I rarely have time to go to the vet clinic—and if I do, I have to wait in long lines to see a vet who is almost always in a rush to see all of their patients in as little time as possible. Moreover, getting a house call vet for my fur child allows him to receive as much attention as possible. The vet can thoroughly examine his condition and provide healthcare services without rushing since my dog is the only vet they need to see at home during a scheduled appointment.

What I Love About My Dog’s House Call Vet

I have found a house call vet in Singapore before, but I feel unsatisfied with their service. They dismissed the symptoms I noticed and misdiagnosed my dog’s condition. They put my fur baby at risk of facing complications instead of addressing his health issues involving anal gland expression in dogs. After this horrifying experience with an unreliable house call vet, I decided to look for a more capable and trustworthy one.

Searching for a new house call vet was challenging since I formed specific requirements after hiring an inept animal health specialist. I wanted someone to visit my home on time to give my pet medical attention. I also wished for a professional to diagnose my dog’s condition correctly. I do not want someone who will not listen to the symptoms I noticed before scheduling a checkup.

But despite my seemingly complex requirements, I found a vet at My Family Vet Clinic and Surgery who perfectly fits my criteria. She usually conducts screenings and dog and cat vaccination sessions at her Singapore clinic. However, she also accepts at-home appointments for busy fur parents like me. Her clean track record also proved that she could provide the best healthcare services for pets of all types and sizes. She is also attentive and accommodating—she always listens to my concerns and clearly explains her diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

If you are looking for a reliable house call vet in Singapore, I highly suggest My Family Vet Clinic and Surgery’s Dr Vanessa Lin. You will never feel disappointed with her services due to her expertise in caring for animal companions. Check out her website to learn more about her clinic.