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How You can Make Your Purchase of the Bengal Kittens


An exhibition of Adopted Bengal Kitten cat is rarer. Very often the kitten keeps it to himself. A show kitten is therefore not easily found. It is often necessary to reserve it well before its birth and even well before the mating. Moreover, a litter will not necessarily include a kitten of this quality. The price of such a kitten starts from 2000 $ and can even reach 3500 $ or even more. An exhibition quality kitten will allow you to pass in front of a judge without making a fool of yourself. He will most certainly become a great international champion, at the very least.

Find the breeding

It is certainly on the choice of breeding that you should pay the most attention and mistrust. In this country you can find a hundred Bengal kittens and believe that among these kittens you can come across the best but also the worst.

Whether your choice is on the kennel closest to you or on the one that for you has the most beautiful cats, it is imperative to visit the kennel before you hire. It is important to know what conditions their cats live in, whether they are sociable or healthy. The visit will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect from this breeding.

What are the pitfalls? 

The traps are numerous, you reserve a pretty kitten by photos on the net and the day you come to look for it you cannot touch it. This often happens in kittens who do not pay enough attention to the socialization of their kittens. Know that a kitten sold for company must be perfectly sociable otherwise the sale can be broken.

Or the kitten that you are shown does not look like the kitten whose photos you received, or it has a defect compared to the standard tail knot, white spot, squinty eye whereas it is sold to you for reproduction.

A big surprise can also await you when signing the sales contract. You can fall from above by reading the sales contract of some catteries. Ask to read a sample copy of the contract that you will sign with the kitten before you pay a deposit.

The kitten decides at the last minute to keep the kitten to himself, because he has developed better than he thought, he cannot do it if you have paid a deposit, the deposit protects the kitten from a disclaimer but it also protects the buyer. Visit for the best buying choices there.

Different Bengal Cats

Another question is important, do you want a Bengal cat with all the beauty that characterizes it or are you just looking for a Bengal, whatever the cat?

Know that currently we are starting to find in this country kittens that certainly do not deserve to bear the name of Bengal. The reason is that some kittens, who do not care about breed selection, started their breeding with cats to buy for companionship and therefore chosen from the less beautiful cats. The calculation is very simple: Cross two very beautiful cats and you will have very beautiful kittens or cross two mediocre cats and you will have kittens without any interest for the breed.