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How to Become a Recognized United Kingdom Breeder of Dogs with Papers



If you want to become a recognized dog breeder in the UK, you should first apply for a breeding license for England, Scotland, and Wales. This means contacting your local council in the UK. It is necessary to have a license if you plan to actively breed dogs with papers. The government will ask you to secure a license if your female dogs bear at least 5 litters per year.

You Need A Vet Inspection

A vet or a government inspector will inspect the premises to be used for breeding dogs. You have to prove that your dogs will not be neglected as you breed them. This means that there should be a specific area where the dogs will be living. You should provide clean food and water as well as comfortable bedding for the dogs. There should be space for the dogs to freely exercise.

You should have the means to comfortably transport any of the dogs, including the puppies. The accommodations should not have any fire hazards or other threats, including sources of potential diseases.

Why Get a License?

The license does two things. First, it protects the dogs from being abused, as is the case with puppy mills. Second, it protects your reputation as a dog breeder. Many potential pet owners will only source their new pet from a reputable business.

This means the prospective new owner will pay the right amount if you ever want to sell your business. The new owner will be delighted to be associated with your dog breeding practice.

Does the License Expire?

Each license is valid for 12 months only. This means you should make a note to renew your license shortly before it is about to expire. The logic behind this is that you must prove every year that you are a responsible dog breeder. Only then will you get the license you require.

Renewal of your license can be helpful if you plan to buy sell business United Kingdom. You will be able to show a potential buyer how many years you have been breeding dogs. Since your puppies have papers, it will be easy to track down the line just to see how well your dogs are faring. Ideally, you should be a dog breeder who has a successful track record for breeding healthy and happy dogs.

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