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Fishing Tips for Beginners (Top 38 Tips)

For many, sport fishing is wonderfully relaxing. You sit along the waterfront or on a boat waiting for a fish to bite your hook. If you have a bite, you bring in the catch and voilà: there is your dinner. Do you want to start fishing, but you don’t know exactly how to do it yet? Then read our tips.

Supplies for fishing

A day of sport fishing starts with the right equipment, such as your fishing rod, landing net and bait. Make sure you bring:

  • Fishing rod: learn how to  choose the  right rod
  • Fishing line and float
  • Fishing hooks
  • Bait and Bait: You can choose between  live and dead bait
  • Landing net
  • Lead

The most beautiful places to fish

You can fish in many locations and at many waters: on the beach, in a lake, sea, river, canal, ditch or pond. With the  Fish Planner you  discover waters near you where you can fish. The map indicates where you are allowed to fish and what facilities there are.

How do you catch fish?

The best fishing spots can be found at sheltered places such as a bridge, jetty or deck. Throw some ground food into the water to attract the fish. Attach a float and fishing hook to the end of your line, hang bait on the hook and cast your rod. 

Sound deters fish, so be quiet when fishing. Do you want to learn more about sport fishing, including catching and cleaning fish? Then book a day of  sport fishing  at Mercuur.

Sea fishing with Mercuur: no experience necessary

Do you enjoy sport fishing, but have little or no experience? That is no problem at all. Our experienced fishermen are happy to help you catch and clean the fish. 

Choose one of our fishing trips and book directly: you can choose from cod fishing,  mackerel fishing,  sea fishing and wreck fishing.

You can clean and fillet the fish onboard the Mercure. If you do not know how to do this, the Mercure staff will be happy to help you.

Clean sanitary facilities on board

  • Canteen on board with div. types of sandwiches, soup and drinks.
  • Ice available to keep the fish fresh
  • Fishing rods for hire on board with weights and paternoster. Ready to use right away.

You can use the All-in package, which contains everything you need for fishing:

  • Boarding price
  • 1x coffee
  • Ball sandwich
  • Rent complete fishing rod
  • 3x beer or soft drinks
  • Deep fry sandwich

Vary your hookbaits

Once fishing with the pole, the bites may be disappointing. You can often provoke extra bites by changing the hookbaits. Make sure you have a variety of bait with you: maggots, casters, corn, bread, potato and worms / worms. 

Switching between different types of hookbaits within a fishing session or combining different types of bait (for example maggots + corn, or worms + maggots) often provide that extra attraction to entice the fish to take a bite. By varying the hookbaits you can catch more fish with the pole this way!