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Buy convertible windproof, waterproof dog jacket online at affordable prices


Let us start with a fact – dogs are more resistant to temperatures and it is not because you are cold that your pet is feeling the same too. However, it is necessary to understand that dogs may be suffering from lower temperatures, especially if they show some kind of change in their behavior. Among the points that can be observed are the lack of appetite, or even cold ears and paws, with shivering. In this case, it is important to search for thermal clothing, such as the reversible windproof, waterproof dog jacket from Kuoser.

What fabric to choose for your dog’s coat

On the market, you will find dog coats made of all kinds of materials – cotton, nylon, fleece and even faux fur. Prefer natural materials. Additionally, not all dog breeds have the same protection needs. Some animals will be more sensitive to the cold, while others will especially need a moisture barrier. A fleece-lined coat will be perfect for a Chihuahua, a breed that could suffer from drops in temperature, but a cocker spaniel, more resistant to variations in climate, will be content with a cotton coat. The material of the dog coat will therefore affect the comfort of the animal. Depending on the season, you will need to change the jacket. Some fabrics are more suitable for winter or rain and others for summer.

To choose the right coat size

To protect your dog from the cold and the rain, you must choose a convertible Kuoser dog jacket suitable for the size of your dog. These clothes are most often sold for small dogs. At first, you may be wondering in which size to choose your furry friend’s coat. Nothing could be simpler. To find out, you just need to measure it from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. You will get the exact size of your dog when it comes to clothing. Better to opt for a coat that is slightly larger than to run the risk of buying one that is too narrow, which will risk constituting insufficient protection against bad weather.

Which model of coat to choose?

Nothing prevents you from choosing your dog’s coat. You will not be disappointed. You can choose between prints of all colors, fancy models to simple hood designs. If you live in an area where the climate is particularly harsh in winter, you can opt for a hooded model, or a windproof, waterproof jacket.