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5 Ways to Cope with Loss After a Dog’s Euthanasia


Dog euthanasia, such as what Dr. Ray Spragley provides, is necessary to end the pain and suffering of your beloved pet. It isn’t an easy decision to make, but in many instances, it is necessary, especially when a dog has a terminal illness. Read on and we’ll share some tips on the best things to do to help cope with your loss.

  • Let Go of the Guilt

Guilt is a normal emotion after pet euthanasia. However, do not let this guilt consume you. The more guilt you feel, the more difficult it will be to move on from your dog’s death. Reflect on the situation and understand why you needed to do it. Think of how your pet felt when it was sick. Consider the pain experienced. Picture your pet being in a new place now, somewhere happier without the suffering. Forgive yourself so that you can move on.

  • Keep Yourself Occupied

Dealing with the loss of a pet is similar to dealing with human death. The more preoccupied you are, the less you will be thinking of it. This also helps in minimizing the guilt that you are feeling. Surround yourself with the right people. Talk to family and friends. Go out and have fun for a while. Read a book, watch TV, or find a new hobby. These might be temporary fixes, but they are helping put your mind at ease.

  • Talk About Your Feelings

Another good way to deal with loss after dog euthanasia is to seek professional help. Like when coping with the death of a person you love, it helps to have someone to talk to. This can be in the form of a pet bereavement counselor, a professional who is trained to help pet owners get through their mourning. Pour your emotions and talk about how you are feeling. The counselor can help enlighten your decision and minimize your guilt.

  • Consider Pet Support Groups

To cope with pet loss, it is also important to find support groups. This is related to the two things mentioned above. It can keep you pre-occupied while also having someone to talk to about your feelings. Support groups will often have get-togethers and you can find other people who will empathize with your loss. This is also an opportunity for you to widen your network and gain new friends.

  • Get a New Pet

This isn’t always the best solution, but when the time comes that you can already fully-accept the loss of a pet from euthanasia, it may be time to get yourself a new dog. This will help you turn your grief into a positive emotion and pour your love to your new pet. It will help in moving on from your loss.

It is normal to be guilty after pet euthanasia. Take note of the things mentioned above to help you cope. More importantly, make sure the process is administered by the right person. With this, if you are looking for a holistic vet, check out Zen Dog Veterinary Care. The latter can help prepare you and your dog.