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5 Signs That You Need To Take Your Dog To A Vet Clinic In Singapore


If you have a pup, a senior dog or dogs in general, you should have at least a ‘veterinary clinic near me‘ directory prepared in case your dog becomes sick.

Most diseases in dogs are manageable at home, but some conditions need immediate intervention by a veterinarian.

Take your dog to a vet clinic in Singapore if you see these signs:

1. Changes in eating habits

If your dog has no appetite, eats a little or doesn’t eat at all, there may be a problem with your dog’s digestive health. It is time to bring your dog to a Bukit Batok veterinary clinic if they skip their meals for two days.

Your dog will be subjected to some exams for diagnosis.

2. Vomiting

Like humans, dogs and cats vomit to get rid of harmful things they ingested. Occasional vomiting is okay; however, if your dogs throw up more than usual, sometimes with blood in it, you need a house call vet in Singapore immediately. Vomiting is accompanied by fever as well.

3. Lethargy

Dogs are literally a ball of energy; they are hyper all the time. Isn’t it odd if your dog is suddenly energy-drained and prefers just lying around, except for senior dogs?

Sluggish dogs may be experiencing health troubles. Call an emergency vet in Singapore if your dog has been lethargic for a few days.

4. Sudden weight loss

It is difficult to see if your furry dog has gained or lost weight, so it is important to weigh them regularly. If your dog has lost 10% of its weight without even trying, your pet is experiencing a health condition.

Bring your dog to a vet clinic in Singapore immediately.

5. Whining and crying

Dogs cry, whine, and wince to your touch when they are not feeling well or have an injury. The lack of gashes or wounds on their skin indicates that the issue is within their body.

Your emergency vet in Singapore may order x-ray and scans to determine the cause of pain.

Don’t let your dog suffer in pain; keep an eye on these signs!

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