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4 Playful Dog Breeds That Will Keep You Active


Due to the coronavirus pandemic that dominated 2020, there was a huge boost in the adoption and sales of pets, particularly dogs and cats. A furry friend can be a wonderful, energetic addition to the family and teach your children responsibility as well.

Would you like to learn more about some of the most playful dog breeds that are great for families and children? Here are a few dog breeds that will bring your family endless fun.

  1. West Highland Terrier

If you would like a smaller breed that is still full of energy, look no further than a West Highland terrier. These active little dogs hail from Scotland and are intelligent canines that love to run and play. Read on here to see how energetic they can be.

Westies, as they are casually called, also happen to love the water and are always down for a good chase. Their size is also an advantage, as it means they will not be too rough with smaller children. They are also relatively sturdy.

  1. Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are a popular choice for families who have large amounts of land or yards for them to run around in. Their original breed occupation was herding sheep, so they are active dogs that enjoy a good day of labor.

One of the best features of these dogs is that they are great at learning commands. They can be easy for you to teach and for your children to learn responsibility with as well. Make sure you have enough room for your Australian shepherd to roam.

  1. Portuguese Water Dog

If you love watersports or live near the beach, you should consider getting a Portuguese water dog. You can take your furry friend to swim in a lake or paddleboarding on a river or ocean, and they will have a great time.

Since the Portuguese water dog also has boundless energy, you will definitely need a plan for keeping your canine entertained. Try making family trips to the beach or a local park to play with your dog.

  1. Golden Retriever

To this day, the golden retriever remains one of the most beloved and popular dog breeds in the United States. They love to play and are gentle giants, perfect for families with small children.

Golden retrievers are also intelligent animals, so they need regular entertainment with activities and toys. You can also count on your golden to be a wonderful hiking or running partner, as they are very athletic dogs.

Playful Dog Breeds Are a Great Family Addition

When you look for a new canine companion, you should definitely think about playful dog breeds that are great with children. With these breeds, you should be able to find the perfect dog for your household.

Want to learn more about all things related to dogs? Whether you want to get a dog or need more tips, you can find all the answers you need. Check out our blog for more information and prepare yourself to have the best family pet.



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