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4 Dog Calming Tips Dogs Whisperers Swear By


Just like people, dogs can suffer from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

If you have a pooch who is prone to anxiety, hyper behavior, or heightened nerves, then knowing how to calm down a dog can help improve everyone’s lives.

Unlike a person, we can’t ask our dogs what is wrong. Even if your dog is usually calm, it can still experience nerves or anxiety.

This guide will help teach you dog whisperers’ top tips for natural ways to calm a dog down.

Signs Your Dog is Nervous

Before looking at ways to calm down a dog, it is important to understand why he is nervous.

Growling, barking, and pacing are signs that dogs can show when they are feeling stressed.

Assess the environment, and look for these stress indicators:

  • Growling – Growling is a warning sign, so have a look and see what could be causing it.
  • Body Language – Is your dog showing signs of anxiety or fear in his body language? Look for tucked ears, avoiding eye contact, raised hackles, or lip-licking.
  • Pacing – Pacing up and down constantly is a sign that something is bothering him.
  • Barking – Whining or barking more than usual are more clues of stress.

So, what are some ways to calm down a dog?

Calm Down a Dog During Fireworks

Fireworks, although fun and exciting for us, can be a nightmare for your poor pooch.

It’s not easy to calm down a dog stressed out by excessive noise. Creating a sanctuary space can help calm your dog.

Create a quiet, safe space, and consider drowning out those bangs with white noise. Dogs feed off of our emotions. If you remain calm with your pooch in their safe place, then it can help ease their fear.

Is Your Dog Bored?

If your dog is acting overly-excited, or hyper, then the cause might be boredom! The best way to calm a dog down who is showing signs of being hyper is to ignore the behavior.

Your pup is seeking attention by acting overly-excited. If you react to this, then you will be reinforcing that problem.

Don’t respond. By ignoring this behavior, you are showing him that he won’t get your attention this way. See how quickly he calms down.

De-Stress Naturally

If your dog shows signs like shaking, drooling, hiding, or a change in bodily functions, then there is a good chance she is stressed.

Luckily, there are some simple and natural ways you can try to help calm your dog. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to calm your pup. Dogs experience the world through scent. Oils like lavender can have a soothing effect.

Music is also great at calming pets. Studies have shown that certain music genres have a greater impact than others. Try classical or soft rock on your pooch.

Natural supplements are an excellent relaxing solution. CBD formulated for pets can help calm a nervous dog.

Finally, try some exercise. Take your dog for a run if they are feeling jittery. Try to avoid other dogs and help alleviate excess energy.

You might be wondering, does neutering a dog calm them down? This is a common misconception. A dog’s temperament is a result of its genetic makeup and its upbringing. Not its hormones. So neutering won’t calm down a dog.

A Happy Dog, A Happy You

Now that you have learned some of the best ways to calm down a dog, you and your furry friend can enjoy a happier and more relaxed life. Knowing how to keep your pet calm will lead to a more enjoyable atmosphere and home for everyone.

Want to know some more top tips and tricks for having a happy pet? Check out our blog for more helpful articles.


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