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3 Easy Tricks For Giving Medicines/Supplement For Your Pet


As a pet owner, your pet’s health matters a lot. There are things that every pet owner should keep in mind when providing supplements/medicine to furry friends. Should you decide to buy pet supplements in Singapore, pets would often react negatively upon taste. They are likely to retreat and spit it back out. Pet owners must know how to deal with and respond to this situation. Here are tricks for giving medicine to your pets:

Go with an edible pill

While it may not be applicable with pet eye drops, if you’re planning to provide medicine to your little furry friend, an edible pill could work. Edible pills or tablets are an excellent alternative if you want to shorten and save your time from having to go to certain hoops to trick your pet into eating their medicine. You can find these edible and chewable pills in flavourless variants, so it’s unlikely your pet would spit them. 

Hide the medicine in their favourite food

Hiding the tablet in your pet’s food is often the most common and easy method to give them medicine. Despite being straightforward, the trick works better if you can mix strong-smelling and strong-flavoured food to mask the taste of the oral supplement. Regardless of whether you’re buying a pill for cats or dog probiotics in Singapore, you need to be aware of its flavours as well.

Use meds as ‘treats’ during game time

For some reason, you’re having a hard time giving them their oral supplements – you can wrap and cover them in meat-flavoured treats. You can even use this method to trick them into accepting pet dental care products since the smell and taste of the treatment can encourage them to follow you, expecting for reward. If you have multiple pets, you can even use this technique for a fun competition since they’ll likely chew the meds down if other competitors are around.


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